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The Embarrassment on Video & Film

The following list was created to inventory the known video and film appearances of the band or its music:
  The Embarrassment
1979 Dan Rouser, the band's manager, videotaped in black and white "Sony porta pak reel" format, the 12/10 performance at the WSU ballroom.
1980 Dan Rouser or an associate videotaped the Kansas State Industrial Reformatory concert for inmates. Black and white single camera footage, whereabouts unknown.

Scott Jacobs of Chicago set up and videotaped the band performing live throughout the day and evening at the Flatiron building in Wichita. Jim Rosencutter transferred several tracks and posted to YouTube. Joel Sanderson processed all of the footage and edited a version to dvd in 2009.
- Celebrity Art Party
- D-Rings
- Wellsville
- Dino in the Congo
- Funtime

1981 Susan Crawshaw and Sonia Greteman, then graphic design students at WSU, created a video project in which the band lip-synched "Elizabeth Montgomery's Face around Ronnie's vintage Chevy station wagon.
1982 Brian Fitzgerald, then a Wichita news cameraman, taped and edited the band lip-synching to various EP tracks. He conducted and taped a band interview, and reportedly preserved unused footage from the filming sessions.
- I'm A Don Juan
- Don't Choose The Wrong Song
- Celebrity Art Party
1982 The band's 4/23 set at Danceteria was taped by the club. The whereabouts are unknown.
1982 Mike Cluff and an assistant videotaped the band performing outdoors at the annual Jerry's Farm festival in rural Kansas outside of Lawrence. Two cameras provided differing angles, an Mike edited several songs using the stereo soundtrack recorded by Jim Skeel at the event.
Google Video
- Don't Stop (Michael Jackson cover)
- Lifespan
- Immigrant Song (Led Zepplin cover)
1982 8/25 Uptown Theater, Kansas City concert, video by Steve King,
transferred to digital by Joel Sanderson.
198? Doug Frost videotaped the band performing in Kansas City at he Rock Therapy record store. The footage was said to have been stolen .
1985 Jonathan Starch videotaped the 12/31 reunion concert at Cogburn's in Lawrence, KS
1990 The Michael Caine movie "A Shock to the System" included the song "Train of Thought" in a nightclub scene featuring the star.
1990 Woody Giessmann directed a promotional video for the song "Beautiful Day", featuring John Nichols in Elvis Presley mode.
YouTube: Beautiful Day
2006 In 2005, Dan Fetherston from the band The Oxford Collapse began work on a proposed documentary about the band. He transferred much of the available video to digital format, and conducted video interviews with band members and associates. The activity inspired the 2006 reunion shows, which Dan then videotaped personally on 8/18 and 8/19, and with multiple cameras and Kansas University student assistance on 8/20. He is still working to complete his film project as of 2009.
  An Embo fan sent Bill this video clip from the Reunion show at Roadhouse Blues in Wichita.
- "Ron Klaus Wrecked His House"
  During the rehearsals for the 2006 shows, Dan Rouser videotaped a few minutes of a writing session during which many new song ideas were discussed.
- Part one
- Part two
- Part three
- Part four
2008 A&E Network's series The Cleaner, episode 2, featured a portion of the original recording of "Sex Drive" in a scene involving California surfer girls.
  Joel Sanderson videotaped the 8/30 Wichita reunion performance and produced a dvd version.
There are also a couple of QuickTime videos fans have put together.
- Ron Klaus Wrecked His House
- Sex Drive
- Wellsville
- Lewis & Clark
- Elizabeth Montgomery's Face
- Drive Me To The Park
- Train of Thought
2011 Advanced promo for the Embo movie, "Careen" from the 2006 Liberty Hall reunion.
  YouTube: View video

  Additional Videos
  Big Dipper

- Faith Healer, 1987 music video

Live at the Ritz, 1987
- Younger Bums
- Lunar Module

Live in Philadelphia, 1988
- All Going Out Together
- When Men Were Trains
- Wet Weekend
- Lunar Module
- Man O' War
- Loch Ness Monster
- Wrong In The Chairs
- Hey!, Mr. Lincoln
- Younger Bums
- Faith Healer
- He Is God
- You're Not Patsy/Easter Eve (partial)

Live in England, 1988
Big Dipper-Mr. Woods-Psychotic Reaction

Live in Boston, 1991
(with Brent Woody Geissmann on drums)
- Mineral Man
- Winsor Dam

Reunion Tour 2008
- Ron Klaus Wrecked His House
- Hey! Mr.Lincoln
- A Song to be Beautiful


- "Big Dipper Crashes on The Platnum Planet" album promo with Bill Goffrier
- Big Dipper "Robert Pollard" music video from "Big Dipper Crashes on The Platnum Planet"

Reunion Tour 2013
- Gary Waliek album promo 01
- Gary Waliek album promo 02
- "Humason", Live at the Middle East
- "Robert Pollard", sound check at The Bottom Line in Chicago
- Mercury Lounge "Happy New Year"
- Mercury Lounge "All Going Out Together"

  The Del Fuegos
  - Don't Run Wild
- I Still Want You
- Missing You, Live 80's
- Beer Commercial


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